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The menu at The Sly Fox continually evolves with the changing of the seasons and at the pleasure of our guests. Traditional British classics contemporized are the centerpiece of our food philosophy at The Sly Fox. This, however, is not the extent of the fare that we offer.

The mission of the pub is to always produce reasonably priced high quality food, source local purveyors of produce, seafood, meat and poultry as often as possible, and provide an ever-evolving menu of seasonal delicacies that is decidedly Anglo-centric yet informed by the finest international influences.

In keeping with the tradition at Elliott’s on Linden, all things are possible at The Sly Fox. If you can’t find an old favorite on the menu, please don’t be shy about asking about it. In most cases, if we have it in the building, we’ll happily prepare it for you. Please refer to our Menu for a listing of all fare currently offered at The Sly Fox.

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